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September 2013 - The Netherlands - NAVAL OFFSHORE stuctures - 40 units including technicians, supervisors, welders and carpenters to modify the Cargo Barge Saipem S600 in SAIPEM Yard Equipment Rental & Services B.V. at Schiedam. 

September 2013 - Saipem entrusts to Carpensalda the modifying of the Cargo Barge S600. The works were carried out at SAIPEM Yard Equipment Rental & Services BV in Schiedam.

The modification of Cargo Barge 600 was based on the restoration of damaged or missing handrails and safety barriers; removal of some parts of the stern (in particular fenders); fabrication and installation of support structures tubular both Port and Starboard sides ; removal, modification and installation of  skid beams.


Carpensalda employed 40 highly specialized units between technicians, supervisors, welders and industrial carpenters.